Practitioners Features

Easy to order – Ordering an X-Finger could not be easier. We require no casts or positive molds for a majority of cases.  For a free clinical evaluation simply fax or scan and e-mail a copy of the patients hand to our facility. We will send you an estimate, usually within one business day.  You may submit that invoice for insurance reimbersement or place your order.  We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and payment by check.

Custom Fabricated – Every X-Finger is custom fabricated to match the patients’ finger size. While we will make every effort to expedite each order, we estimate the entire process to take approximately 3 weeks from initial consultation to finished product.

Easy application – The X-Finger only takes the user seconds to don and doff with the use of one hand. More complex cases that require multiple X-Fingers, may attach to the hand using our X-Hand Stabilization system.

Easy to adjust – While the components come nearly assembled, the X-Finger comes with 4 pairs of actuating bars to accommodate different sized residual fingers. This will allow you to put the finishing touches on the device for a perfect size match with regards to length.

The hand clamp can also be adjusted by hand. This component, clamps to the hand by exerting a slight pressure. The pressure the hand clamp exerts can be adjusted many times due to its malleability. The amount of pressure the device exerts on the hand must be determined by each patient. Some individuals will want a more secure fit for demanding tasks while others may choose a less secure fit for moderate workloads and comfort. Adjustments to the hand clamp are extremely easy. To tighten the hand clamp, simply press the upper and lower portions together slightly. To loosen the hand clamp, simply pull the upper and lower portions apart slightly. Slight adjustments to the overall shape of the hand clamp will allow it to conform perfectly to anyone’s hand.