Features and Benefits

Body-Powered – Because the device is body powered, there is no need for external power supplies. The components articulate simply by moving the residual finger when available or an opposing finger when needed. The replaced phalanges will follow the natural bending pattern of a finger. Combined lateral and vertical flexion/extension movements can be independently and immediately restored.

Easy To Use – The replaced phalanges articulate in a natural pattern when the residual finger moves. This allows users to immediately utilize the device successfully without having to learn to use the device. The finger segments will articulate using the same cognitive process previously used to articulate their fingers.

Realistic Articulation – The components of the X-Finger have been designed to not only look realistic during articulation, but to also bend a silicone finger sheath in a realistic manner as well. Spaces left in the grooves of the device when articulated, gently forces silicone finger sheaths to also bend in a natural manner.

Low Profile Design – The device has been designed to offer strength in the lowest profile design possible. All of the components of the assembly fit within the confines of a silicone finger sheath. A majority of the stabilizing system which runs along the surface of the hand is less than .045″.

Light Weight – While each X-Finger’s size is slightly different, an average adults index finger will weigh less than 10 grams for the entire assembly, excluding a silicone sheath. To give you a simple perspective, it is similar to the weight of 2 nickels for this particular device. A silicone finger sheath can weigh an additional 20 grams depending on the thickness of the walls. Therefore choosing the X-Finger to articulate a silicone finger sheath will not add to the weight of most prosthetic finger rehabilitation scenarios.

Easy to don and doff – While each amputation is slightly different causing various devices to be created, the ability to easily don and doff the device is extremely important to us. We will always create a device that can easily be applied with the opposing hand alone. If we encounter a situation which requires more than one hand we will discuss all possibilities with you before proceeding.

Users of the device can don and doff most of the embodiments in seconds using their opposing hand. If your patient has limited use of their opposing hand, please let us know so we can attempt to accommodate the patient in a way that allows them to utilize the technology more easily.

Independent Control of Each Finger – Everyone’s individual uniqueness dictates the function and performance expected from their hands. Whether you are at work or play, independent control of each finger is a necessity with today’s lifestyles. We offer the first active-function artificial finger assembly in a self-contained device. The X-Finger will allow the user to regain complete control of the articulation of the device simply by moving their residual finger. Benefits will include typing; playing a musical instrument or anything that requires the full dexterity of a hand.